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Come and sit, I will put the tea on and let's get real. 

I am more anxious than I care to admit. 

I used to never skip church, I do now. 

I'm obsessed with the Enneagram. (I'm a 3 and 7w8 as of today) 

Being in a brand new place is invigorating. 

I don't always brush my teeth. 

I love my family wildly. 

I'm a shoeless, painter hippie inside. 

I take bathes just about every afternoon. 

I could watch TV all day. 

I don't like cooking. 

It scares me that my daughter is my mini-me. 

I think life gets better each year.

My soul sisters are my life and it took me a LONG time to find them. 

I have had purple and pink hair .

I played Volleyball in college and coached after (I miss it)

I had a honeymoon baby. 

I teach preschool. 

My favorite place to be is on a mountain, at a concert or in my bed.